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About Marine Surveyor

What is a marine surveyor?

Marine surveyors perform inspections of vessels of all types including pleasure craft, passenger vessels, tugboats, fishing boats, barges, dredges, oil rigs, ferries, cargo vessels and warships, as well as marine cargo, marine engines and facilities such as canals, drydocks, loading docks and more for the purpose of pre-purchase evaluation, insurance eligibility, insurance claim resolution and regulation compliance. (Borrowed from: sams

Why should I get a survey?

Certain types and makes of boats have recurring problems or requirements.  A good surveyor will be familiar with most models and be able to advise you on the long term suitability of your intended purchase and its equipment, particularly in relation to how and where you will be using it.

In addition, it is unlikely you will be able to secure insurance or financing without providing the insurance company or lender with an acceptable survey..... so you might as well make the survey a condition of purchase to begin with.  (Borrowed from: marine surveyor sams

Captain Christopher Butler, SAMS® SA, ABYC Standards Certified Marine Surveyor

With over 25 years of maritime experience in southern Florida, 15 years of fire rescue, and an extensive knowledge of and passion for boats, Captain Christopher Butler is the perfect choice for your survey needs.  A graduate from Chapman’s School of Seamanship with 100 ton , 200 ton , and marine surveying certifications , Captain Chris is detail-oriented, thorough, and knowledgeable. marine surveyor


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